Integrated Services

The Integrated Services, including an App Store, SCSN and Open API, enhance user experience and streamline workflow. The App Store offers a variety of apps, SCSN ensures secure data sharing and Open API allows for easy integration with other systems.


App Store

App Store is a centralised location where users can discover and access a wide variety of apps that are specifically designed to enhance their experience and streamline their workflow.

These apps can be easily downloaded and integrated into the platform, providing users with additional functionality and tools to help them achieve their goals more efficiently. The app store is designed with user experience in mind, it has a user-friendly interface and easy navigation that allows users to easily browse and search for the apps they need. 

Streamlines workflow

Additional functionality and tools

Centralised location for app discovery

Easy activation and usage

Variety of apps to enhance user experience



The SCSN integration on Tech2B platform is designed to provide a secure and reliable way for users to share and access data.

The advanced encryption and authentication protects your sensitive information and ensure that only authorised users have access to it. Additionally, the SCSN feature provides a way for users to securely connect to other networks and services, allowing for seamless communication and collaboration with others.

Securely share and access data

Seamless communication and collaboration

Reduced environmental impact

Improved collaboration, new opportunities

Increased flexibility with shared assets


Open API

The Open API feature allows other software providers to easily integrate with other systems and platforms.

This feature provides developers with the ability to access the platform's functionality and data through a set of well-documented APIs, which allows them to build custom integrations and solutions tailored to their specific needs. The Open API feature uses RESTful architecture, which is widely adopted, and this allows developers to quickly and easily integrate the platform with other systems. 

Easy integration with other systems

Access platform functionality and data

Well-documented APIs for developers

Custom integrations and solutions

Improved efficiency, cost savings, scalability



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