The Tech2B platform in your pocket

You can now have the entire design and manufacturing industry available in your pocket. With the mobile Tech2B application you can easily see RFQs, check out interesting jobs and communicate with colleagues, other users and companies.

The entire manufacturing industry in your pocket

Mobile App

Having all required information with you at all times becomes a new reality. Tech2B provides insight in the platform and vast manufacturing network.  With the mobile App, you have acces at all times and anywhere you go. You can work and communicate much more efficiently.

The Application allows you to search the vast network of companies within the international Design and manufacturing industry. You can find company details of over 250,000+ companies already and the network keeps on growing.

Any time, any place
An instant connection with your partners
11,000 companies visible
Supply & Demand
Find new business quickly
Autodesk viewer
90 different formats on you App

Features of the Tech2B App

Ease of use

Always having the right information at hand becomes the new reality. With the mobile Tech2B application, all users have the manufacturing industry in their pocket. The tool empowers users to communicate more easily and work more efficiently. 

This way your company is always easy accessible and all digital communication goes smoothly.


Orders, chat messages, search engine and updates

With the Tech2B app, users can quickly and easily view RFQs, view assignments and chat with colleagues, other users and companies. In addition, you can quickly search for the right manufacturing companies in the companies page. The network of 250,000+ manufacturing companies can be consulted via the app.


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