Tech2B offers innovative solutions for the agro-industry. Our advanced technologies help farmers and agricultural companies to work more efficiently and to increase productivity. With our customized software and hardware, farmers can better manage their crops, improve the quality of their products and save costs. Our smart sensors and automated systems ensure accurate monitoring of soil moisture, temperature and other important parameters, so that farmers are able to optimally care for their crops. In addition, we also offer solutions for precision agriculture, such as drones and GPS systems, with which farmers can efficiently edit and prevent pests and diseases. Choose TECH2B and optimize your agro-industrial company with our innovative technologies.

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Leer hoe je slim en efficiënt leveranciers kunt vinden en offertes kunt aanvragen, zodat je de meest voordelige deals kunt bemachtigen die perfect aansluiten bij wat jij nodig hebt.

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Explore and assess specialised suppliers within our comprehensive database, encompassing over half a million companies. Quickly identify the ideal supply chain partner for your strategic procurement needs.

Zero Transaction Fees

Enjoy the freedom of securing new business opportunities without the burden of transaction fees, ensuring your profit margins on deals facilitated through Tech2B remain intact.

Excess Capacity

Showcase or utilise excess capacity when it's temporarily required. This approach diminishes the emphasis on owning expensive machinery, allowing for the effortless sharing of capacity.

Discover New Opportunities and Expand Your Network

Embark on a journey to uncover fresh opportunities and grow your network by exploring new businesses in your area, across the nation, and around the globe. From small, innovative SMEs to large-scale OEMs spanning various industries.

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Connect with the right Suppliers, receive quick Quotes, and conduct business online.

✅ Quickly Find the Right Suppliers
✅ Easily Communicate with Suppliers
✅ Receive Multiple Quotes for Your Projects
✅ Instantly Reach a Wide Range of Suppliers
✅ Conduct Secure Transactions within a Verified Network

For Suppliers

Generate leads, offer Quotes, and enhance your Online Visibility.

✅ Respond daily to new Projects.
✅ Become Visible in your Region and across all of Europe.
✅ Showcase your Overcapacity and boost your Machinery Efficiency.
✅ Instantly connect with a large network of Buyers.
✅ Conduct secure transactions within a validated network.


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These companies have already collaborated successfully through the Tech2B platform, establishing a vast network within the manufacturing sector.

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Do you have any unanswered questions?

What is the Tech2B Platform, and how can it benefit me?

Tech2B stands as a pioneering platform, uniting businesses within the European manufacturing industry. It facilitates seamless collaboration, sharing of quotations, and swift innovation through a trusted network.

How do I sign up for Tech2B?

Simply visit our website and click on 'Register'. Enter the required information and follow the prompts to create your company profile. Within just a few minutes, you'll be all set to explore the benefits of Tech2B.

Is there a fee to use Tech2B?

Tech2B offers a variety of membership levels, including a complimentary basic tier. For those seeking more advanced features and services, premium packages are available. You can find more information about our membership tiers on our pricing page.

What is the scope of projects available through Tech2B?

At Tech2B, the projects range in value from a few thousand euros to major initiatives worth up to 2 million euros. This diversity opens up a vast array of opportunities for businesses of every size, from nimble startups to well-established giants.

Can I engage in international collaboration through Tech2B?

Absolutely, Tech2B actively fosters and encourages cross-border partnerships within the European manufacturing sector, making it effortless for you to discover and connect with partners beyond your national boundaries.

How do I find the right business partners on Tech2B?

Discover companies through our sophisticated search feature, filtering by industry, expertise, location, and more. Engage in online tenders and reveal your available surplus of machinery, experts, and locations to uncover new potential partners.

What advantages does a complimentary company profile on Tech2B offer?

Securing a complimentary company profile on Tech2B unlocks a plethora of benefits, among which includes heightened visibility across the platform, significantly broadening your reach within the European manufacturing sector. Additionally, your presence on Tech2B enhances your own website's domain ranking, thereby boosting your online visibility and search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. This represents a strategic move for any business aiming to amplify its digital presence and market penetration.

How do I stay updated on the latest developments at Tech2B?

Subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on social media, and frequently visit our blog. This way, you'll never miss an update on new features, partnerships, and industry insights.

European Industry Network

With nearly half a million companies sharing tenders, leveraging excess capacity, and staying updated on the latest industry highlights, our European Industry Network offers a plethora of opportunities. Explore whether you and your esteemed business partners are already discoverable through the Tech2B network.

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