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Dive into the opportunity to expand your business. Our platform makes it easy for you to showcase your products and services and discover new opportunities. A major advantage is that we do not charge commission fees, setting us apart from other platforms.

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Begin as a Supplier

Do you have any lingering questions?

What is the Tech2B Platform and how can it benefit me?

Tech2B is an innovative platform that connects companies in the European manufacturing industry, enabling seamless collaboration, sharing of quotes, and faster innovation within a reliable network.

How do I sign up for Tech2B?

Simply visit our website and click on 'Register'. Fill in the necessary information and follow the instructions to create your company profile. Within same working day, you'll be ready to explore the benefits of Tech2B.

Do I have to pay commission on transactions made through Tech2B?

No, there are no commission fees charged on transactions conducted on the Tech2B platform. This sets us apart from other platforms, allowing you to retain more profit from the deals you secure.

How can I, as a supplier, discover new business opportunities on Tech2B?

Simply register and showcase your expertise and capabilities. Our platform will automatically connect you with relevant procurement requests from buyers looking for what you have to offer.

Can I share my excess capacity on Tech2B?

Certainly! You can easily showcase your available capacity on our platform, boosting your visibility to potential customers in urgent need of your specific services or production capabilities.

How can I attract the attention of buyers on the platform?

Ensure your profile is complete and up-to-date, with clear information about your services and capabilities. Utilise relevant keywords and categories that buyers may use in their search.

How do I respond to procurement inquiries?

Receive notifications of new procurement inquiries that align with your profile. Respond directly through the platform with your proposal and additional information.

Is direct communication with potential customers possible?

Yes, after responding to a purchase inquiry, Tech2B enables direct communication with the buyer for further discussions and negotiations.

How does Tech2B enhance my market visibility?

By implementing SEO best practices and showcasing your skills and success stories, we boost your company's online visibility, not just on our platform but also in search engine results.