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eCommerce services to streamline procurement, resource sharing and sales. Features like eSourcing, Asset Sharing, Multi-Vendor Catalog en Services help companies to increase efficiency, reduce costs and expand their reach.



Powerful tool that allows manufacturers to streamline their sourcing process, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Providing access to a wider range of suppliers, including small and medium-sized enterprises, enabling manufacturers to diversify their supplier base and mitigate risks in their supply chain. It also allows manufacturers to expand their reach, access new suppliers and new geographical markets, which could also lead to new business opportunities.

Increased efficiency in sourcing process

Improved visibility into sourcing activities

Greater cost savings through effective supplier negotiation

Improved risk management in the supply chain

Improved supplier management and collaboration


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Asset Sharing

Asset sharing allows manufacturers to use the equipment they need only when they need it, which can make them more flexible and adaptable to changing market conditions.

Effective way for manufacturers to optimise the use of resources and gain a competitive advantage in their industry. By sharing assets with other companies or organisations, manufacturers can reduce their own capital and operating expenses, which can increase profitability and allow them to invest in other areas of their business.

Cost savings through shared equipment and reducing OPEX

Efficiency boost through shared assets

Reduced environmental impact

Improved collaboration, new opportunities

Increased flexibility with shared assets



Service providers within the manufacturing industry can offer their services simply and clearly. This allows them to improve findability and increase the visibility of their services.

Total overview of services available within the manufacturing industry. This can make it easier to compare services and options and easily connect with the service provider. It also allows companies to expand their reach and access new service providers which can lead to new business opportunities.

Clear overview of all services

More reach and brand awareness

Improved insight into statistics

Better cooperation, new opportunities

More revenue for service providers


Multi-Vendor Catalog

Multi-vendor catalog is a feature that allows multiple vendors to list and sell their products, it can expand their reach and increase visibility for their products.

One-stop-shop for finding and purchasing products, instead of searching through multiple websites or catalogs from different vendors, buyers can access a wide range of products from different vendors all in one place. This can make it easier to compare products and prices and find the best deals. Additionally, a multivendor catalog can also help to streamline the purchasing process.

Increased sales for vendors

Wider reach and brand awareness

One-stop-shop for buyers

Streamlined purchasing process

Cost savings for buyers



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