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Dive into a comprehensive collection of pivotal sectors within the manufacturing industry. From aviation and machinery manufacturing to semiconductors, this is your go-to resource for all the information required to stay fully informed about the critical sectors shaping the industry.

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Drive and gear technology

Additive Manufacturing



Chemical industry

Electrotechnical industry

Hydraulic and pneumatic industry

Infrastructure and energy

Installation technology and construction

Boiler, container and tank construction

Plastic and Mat rice technology

Petrochemical industry

Aerospace industry

Machine and equipment construction

Medical and pharmaceutical industry

Mining and tunnel technology

Military technology

Precision technology and mechanical engineering

Product development and R&D


Service and maintenance

Railway and rail vehicles industry

Packaging industry

Manufacturer's manufacture

Food industry/Food

Recycling and sustainable materials

Robotics and automation

Energy generation and distribution

Textile industry

Paper and cardboard industry

Water treatment and management

Logistics and transport



Renewable energysources

Nuclear energy

Waste management and processing

Metalworking and breeding

Agricultural machinery and equipment

Food processing and technology

Beverage industry

Bakery and confectionery industry

Spices and flavors

Veterinary Medicine and Animal Care

Fisheries and aquaculture

Cosmetics and beauty products

Consumer electronics

Optics and opto electronics

Photography and image technology

Gaming and interactive entertainment

Virtual Reality

Printing and packaging technology

Precious metals and mining

Industrial cleaning and maintenance

Quality control and certification

Air and water filtration

Sound technology and acoustic solutions

Lighting technology

Safety technology and equipment

Emergency services and disaster management

Spatial planning and urban development

Building materials and components

Furniture production and design

Jewelry and luxury products

Sports equipment and technology

Maritime technology and equipment

Plumbing and sanitary products

HVAC systems and components

Electrical generators and engines

Test and measuring instruments

Traffic technology and systems

Surveyor instruments

Production of musical instruments

Pharmaceutical packaging

Agricultural technology and products

Sustainable building materials

Telecommunications equipment

Industrial automation control

3D print materials

Renewable energy technologies and components

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What is the Tech2B Platform, and how can it benefit me?

Tech2B stands as a pioneering platform, uniting businesses within the European manufacturing industry. It facilitates seamless collaboration, sharing of quotations, and swift innovation through a trusted network.

How do I sign up for Tech2B?

Simply visit our website and click on 'Register'. Enter the required information and follow the prompts to create your company profile. Within just a few minutes, you'll be all set to explore the benefits of Tech2B.

Is there a fee to use Tech2B?

Tech2B offers a variety of membership levels, including a complimentary basic tier. For those seeking more advanced features and services, premium packages are available. You can find more information about our membership tiers on our pricing page.

What is the scope of projects available through Tech2B?

At Tech2B, the projects range in value from a few thousand euros to major initiatives worth up to 2 million euros. This diversity opens up a vast array of opportunities for businesses of every size, from nimble startups to well-established giants.

Can I engage in international collaboration through Tech2B?

Absolutely, Tech2B actively fosters and encourages cross-border partnerships within the European manufacturing sector, making it effortless for you to discover and connect with partners beyond your national boundaries.

How do I find the right business partners on Tech2B?

Discover companies through our sophisticated search feature, filtering by industry, expertise, location, and more. Engage in online tenders and reveal your available surplus of machinery, experts, and locations to uncover new potential partners.

What advantages does a complimentary company profile on Tech2B offer?

Securing a complimentary company profile on Tech2B unlocks a plethora of benefits, among which includes heightened visibility across the platform, significantly broadening your reach within the European manufacturing sector. Additionally, your presence on Tech2B enhances your own website's domain ranking, thereby boosting your online visibility and search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. This represents a strategic move for any business aiming to amplify its digital presence and market penetration.

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