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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Manufacturing with Tech2B: With Our Extensive Network of Manufacturers, We Offer a Comprehensive Range of Capabilities from Prototyping, Engineering, Production, Surface Treatment and Testing & Analysis, Specialising in Geometrically Complex and Highly Cosmetic Parts.

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Enhance your eCommerce experience with eSourcing, AssetSharing, and a multivendor catalog.

eCommerce features such as eSourcing, AssetSharing, and a multivendor catalog can greatly improve the procurement process for businesses. eSourcing allows for streamlined communication and negotiation with suppliers, AssetSharing enables the sharing of resources among team members, and a multivendor catalog offers a wide variety of products from multiple vendors.

Improved communication and negotiation with suppliers through eSourcing

Increased efficiency in resource sharing through AssetSharing

Access to a wider variety of products through a multivendor catalog

Improved risk management in the supply chain

Streamlined procurement process resulting in cost savings.



Boost your marketing strategy with updates, learnings, deals, and advertising features.

Marketing services that include updates, learnings, deals, and advertising features can greatly enhance a business's marketing strategy. Updates provide real-time information on the latest trends and industry developments, Learnings offer personalised recommendations based on data analysis, Deals offer special promotions and discounts, and Advertising allows for targeted advertising to reach specific audiences.

Stay informed of the latest industry trends and developments with updates feature

Increase ROI with personalised recommendations and data analysis through Learnings feature

Boost sales with special promotions and discounts through Deals feature

Target specific audiences and increase visibility through Advertising feature

Enhance overall marketing strategy and drive more sales.



Streamline your internal operations with Order Management, Messaging, and Cloud Storage features.

Internal services that include Order Management, Messaging, and Cloud Storage features can greatly improve a business's internal operations and collaboration. Order Management allows for streamlined tracking and fulfilment of orders, Messaging facilitates communication among team members, and Cloud Storage enables the sharing and access of important documents and files from any location.

Improve order tracking and fulfilment through Order Management feature

Enhance communication and collaboration among team members through Messaging feature

Access and share important documents and files from any location with Cloud Storage feature

Streamline internal operations and increase productivity

Facilitate remote work and collaboration



Expand the capabilities of your business with App Store, SCSN, and Open API features.

Integrated services that include App Store, SCSN, and Open API features can greatly enhance a business's connectivity and scalability. App Store offers a wide range of apps to integrate with the core system, SCSN enables the integration of customer service across multiple channels, and Open API allows for easy integration with third-party systems and platforms.

Expand the capabilities of your business with a wide range of apps through App Store feature

Improve customer service by integrating it across multiple channels with SCSN feature

Increase scalability and connectivity by easily integrating with third-party systems and platforms through Open API feature

Streamline business processes and increase efficiency

Enhance customer experience and satisfaction.


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Tech2B offers a diverse selection of trusted suppliers to choose from. Our in-depth company profiles allow you to make informed decisions and find the perfect partner for your needs. With our advanced search options, you can easily filter by machine park, specialisation, and more, to ensure you find the ideal supplier for your business. Don't settle for less, choose Tech2B for all your supplier needs.


Tech2B revolutionises the way you source technical components and services with our cutting-edge digital platform. By connecting supply and demand, we make it easy for you to post RFQs for your stock, prototypes, and urgent orders, all in one convenient location. Whether you're looking to streamline your sourcing process or find new suppliers, Tech2B is the solution you've been searching for. Upgrade your supply chain today with Tech2B.

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Tech2B gives you complete control over your RFQ distribution. Our platform allows you to share your request publicly or selectively, giving you the option to send it to a specific group of suppliers. You can also invite your preferred suppliers to respond to your RFQ, ensuring that you get the best possible prices and quality. Additionally, you can also exclude certain companies to protect your drawings or assignments. With Tech2B, you can be sure that your RFQs reach the right suppliers, every time.

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