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Save on purchasing with chain integration

  Gain market-wide insight into capacity

  Make price agreements directly with suppliers

  Stop spending time on manual searching suppliers

  Optimise your purchasing process through digitisation


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  Add companies to your preferred supplier lists

  Keep measurement reports, assessments and projects up to date

  Benchmark market-wide within 5 minutes

  Support supplier selection with our verified company pages

  Make sure that all your requests always end up with the best selected companies

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The Tech2B platform can be used free of charge and without obligation. With a free account you have direct access to the Tech2B network and you can be found by potential relations.

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Tech2B has a wide range of reliable suppliers. The extensive company profiles offer the possibility to analyse companies optimally. To find the most suitable partner, you can also search by machine park, specialisation and much more.

Supply and Demand

Tech2B brings together supply and demand of technical components and services via an innovative and digital platform. You can quickly and easily request your stock, prototypes and urgent orders via the supply and demand environment.

Create an RFQ

When putting out a request, you can choose to share it completely publicly or only to send it to a selective group of suppliers.You can of course also invite preferred suppliers to respond to your RFQ. In addition, you can also exclude companies to protect your drawings or assignments.