Terms and Conditions

Tech2B B.V. (referred to hereinafter as “Tech2B”) is a private limited liability company with its registered office in Bladel and listed in the commercial register under number 74966405. Tech2B is the owner and operator of the website ‘www.tech2b.cc’.

If the User has any questions about these General Terms and Conditions or wishes to contact Tech2B for any other reason, they may send an e-mail to support@tech2b.cc.

Clause 1 – General
  1. These General Terms and Conditions (referred to hereinafter as “the Conditions”) apply to every use of the Website, the account and the Subscription.
  2. Tech2B will send the Conditions free of charge upon request. The Conditions are also available on the Website.
  3. Any arrangements that deviate from these Conditions are valid only if Tech2B and the User agreed to those arrangements in writing.
  4. If a part of the Conditions is null and void or voidable, this will not affect the validity of the remainder of the Conditions. The null and void or voidable part will be replaced by a provision that follows the substance of the null and void provision as much as possible.
  5. Descriptions of services of Tech2B on websites, in brochures and in similar promotional material are not promises or guarantees of quality or any other kind.
  6. The User will only be allowed access to the Website and may only use the Website and the Services if the User has accepted the Conditions.

Clause 2 – Definitions

The offer by Tech2B of an IT system that supports one or more business processes of the User and/or the use of the Website.

A natural person, a legal entity or a partnership with legal rights that performs their commercial activities or independent professional activities through the performance of a juridical act.

The subscription of the User to the Tech2B Website, on the basis of which the User will gain access to certain parts of the Website. The User can create multiple accounts within their Subscription.

Limitations, impediments, shutdowns, interruptions and other malfunctions that occur when using the Website or Services.

The website www.tech2b.cc, the platform (the application environment for which the User must log in) that connects demand and supply within the manufacturing industry, through which the User can use the Services of Tech2B and can come into contact with other Users.

Clause 3 – The Website
  1. The aim of the Website is to offer a digital platform within the manufacturing industry, which connects supply and demand for technical parts or services in an easy and manageable manner. The Users of the Website can exchange information with each other and issue assignments to each other through the Website. In addition, the Users can upload their own company profile on the Website, with due observance of the requirements set by Tech2B with regard to the form and substance.
  2. Tech2B merely acts as the facilitator and is not a party to any agreements, assignments or other types of cooperation entered into by Users. Tech2B is not responsible for the acts or omissions of the Users with regard to each other through or in connection with the Website. Tech2B is not a party to any arrangements made between Users.
  3. In the event that a User comes into conflict with another User, the parties must settle this conflict themselves.
  4. Tech2B is at all times entitled to adjust the Website and its contents or to terminate the Services. Tech2B will endeavour to announce the termination of the Services or part thereof in good time.
Clause 4 – The Website’s rules of use
  1. The User cannot use the Website in such a manner as to cause the violation of Dutch law or other applicable laws or regulations.
  2. The User cannot distribute the following through the Website:
    • pornographic videos, images or other erotic media;
    • insulting, racist, discriminating or hatemongering texts or images;
    • unsolicited advertising (spam);
    • incorrect or misleading information; and
    • viruses, malware, spyware or other software that is intended to harm our or other users’ computers.
  3. The User may not create an account under someone else’s name or present themselves as someone else in any other way.
  4. The User is obliged to observe secrecy in respect of any obtained personal data of other Users and to refrain from abusing such personal data. The User is obliged to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter the “GDPR”).
  5. If the User wishes to report another User due to abuse of the Website, they may send an e-mail to support@tech2b.cc.
  6. Tech2B reserves the right to exclude a User from all or part of the Services or to deny them access to all or part of the Website. Tech2B is also free to delete accounts or to impose restrictive measures. If Tech2B chooses to deny a User access or to delete an account, Tech2B is not liable for any damage or loss ensuing therefrom.
Clause 5 – Availability and adjustments to the Website
  1. Tech2B endeavours to prevent any Failures on the Website. Tech2B does not guarantee that the Website will always be available without any Failures. The User accepts that Tech2B is not liable for any damage or loss as a consequence of or ensuing from the temporary unavailability of the Website.
  2. Tech2B is entitled to temporarily shut down or limit access to the Website if this is necessary or desirable to perform maintenance or to adjust the Website or the Services, without Tech2B being obliged to pay compensation. Tech2B is not obliged to inform the Users in advance regarding such interruptions, but will attempt to do so in so far as possible.
  3. Tech2B uses technical security measures to protect the Website and underlying systems from malware and unauthorised third-party content such as viruses, Trojan horses, spam and other malware. These measures include the use of filter systems in places where these can be particularly useful for the protection of telecommunication and data processing systems.
  4. Tech2B may adjust the Website and any available – free or paid – features. If this adjustment leads to an upgrade of the essential functionality of the Service and/or Website, Tech2B is entitled to charge for the adjustment.
  5. Tech2B is entitled to convert a free feature of the Website and/or the Service into a paid feature and to charge the User for this.
Clause 6 – User account
  1. The User guarantees that all information in their account on the Website is complete and accurate. The User recognises that the correctness and completeness of the information in their account is important for the Website’s functioning.
  2. The User must protect the login details of their account and must keep the password secret. The User is responsible for the use of their account on the Website. The User should supervise their account and its use themselves.
  3. If the User suspects that their account is being misused, the User must inform Tech2B via support@tech2b.cc as soon as possible. Tech2B will take the necessary measures after the report.
  4. If Tech2B has a justified suspicion of unauthorised use of the User’s user account, Tech2B reserves the right to take necessary measures and especially to temporarily or permanently block access to the relevant user account. If the user account is used unlawfully by third parties due to a fault of the User, the User is obliged to undo the resulting damage or loss and to compensate appropriately. The costs incurred due to this will be for the User’s account.
Clause 7 – Prices and Subscriptions
  1. Tech2B offers Users various types of Subscriptions – being the Iron, Silver, and Gold Subscription. The Website describes the various types of subscription, including specifications and prices per type of subscription.
  2. The Subscription between Tech2B and the user, which entitles the User to publish a company profile, a number of interactives adverts and to inspect the profiles and adverts of other Users on the Website, will be concluded as soon as Tech2B activates the login details entered.
Clause 8 – Term and termination of the Subscription
  1. Paid Subscriptions first and foremost apply for the term set by the User. After that term, paid Subscriptions will automatically be renewed by the same term unless the relevant Subscription is terminated within the agreed term, or within a month before the end of the term in writing or by e-mail if there is no Subscription. The date on which the notice is sent through e-mail or regular mail is decisive for compliance with the term.
  2. Tech2B is entitled to terminate the Subscription with immediate effect without any notice to the User being required and to block the User from accessing the Website if the User does not comply with the Rules of Use (Clause 4) or other parts of these Conditions.
Clause 9 – Login details
  1. The User’s login details are confidential. The User may only share their login details with their own employees for business purposes, provided the User obliges their employees to take these Conditions into account.
  2. The User is advised to choose a password that is as safe as possible on the basis of the state of the art and to take all the necessary measures to protect the password from being used by unauthorised persons.
Clause 10 – Request by the User
  1. Tech2B offers the User the option to present themselves and their company within the context of the profile provided by Tech2B. The User is entitled to publish requests and offers for production. The User may publish details, text, images, videos and the like for that purpose.
  2. The User is entitled to publish, deactivate or remove requests at any time using the relevant functions of the Website.
  3. Tech2B is entitled to use the contents of the requests for their own analysis of market and user conduct, in accordance with the statutory prescriptions.
  4. The User guarantees that they hold the required rights to all content shown or provided by them on the Website.
  5. Tech2B is entitled to block the content published by the User if it is suspected that the content violates the law, these Conditions or the rights of third parties.
Clause 11 – Non-disclosure

Tech2B is obliged to keep all confidential information of a User confidential. “Confidential information” includes: all information which a User has indicated to be confidential or which is confidential as a result of the nature of the information.

Clause 12 – Approval to use information, content and metadata
  1. Based on the information on the Website, Tech2B supports the Users and the industry with industry-related metadata that can serve as a basis to guide purchases and investment decisions. Metadata especially include data regarding the type of company (e.g. producer, manufacturer or buyer), the location and region of the company, the number of employees, the type of products and services offered or the techniques used (e.g. drilling, turning, milling, ultrasonic processing), industry (e.g. powering and transmission industry, mining industry, chemical industry), and type of material (e.g. acrylic, stainless steel, glass ceramics), details on the order statistics (also diversified according to sector, technique used, material used and size of the work).
  2. Tech2B generates the metadata on the basis of details that are usually of a public nature and are not company-related or business-related secrets. Individual details, such as the contents of an agreement to an assignment (e.g. contracting partners, scope of the assignment, prices) are treated confidentially by Tech2B and will not be forwarded to third parties. Tech2B will collect and use the metadata in accordance with Tech2B’s privacy statement. Details regarding the person and contact person of the User are not part of the metadata, unless these are also publicly accessible details of the company (e.g. if the User is a director and their telephone number or e-mail address is publicly accessible). Metadata based on the conduct of Users (e.g. how often Users are interested in certain companies or services) are collected anonymously. The data collected are therefore aggregated and no conclusions on individual users can be drawn from the collected data.
  3. The User declares that they agree that the data submitted by them on the Website are used to generate and use metadata for the purposes referred to above, and may be provided to other Users and partners of Tech2B. The User declares that the data forming the basis of the metadata are not company or business secrets and declares that they have the right to submit these data on Tech2B’s Website.
Clause 13 – Liability and indemnity
  1. Tech2B is only liable for direct damage or loss incurred by the User as a consequence of an attributable failure by Tech2B. Direct damage or loss only includes: the costs reasonably incurred by the User to repair Tech2B’s failure towards them, as well as the reasonable costs incurred to prevent or limit such damage or loss and to determine the cause and extent of the damage or loss.
  2. Tech2B’s total liability for direct damage or loss is limited to a maximum amount of EUR 10,000.
  3. Any liability on the part of Tech2B for indirect damage or loss, including but not limited to consequential damage or loss, lost profit, missed savings, and losses relating to commercial stagnation, is excluded. Tech2B is especially not liable for any damage or loss on the User’s part caused by another User or third parties, regardless of whether or not they also use the Website and/or the Services.
  4. The User indemnifies Tech2B against all damage, loss and costs, including but not limited to damage or loss due to third-party claims, incurred by Tech2B and ensuing from the User’s use of the Website – including the sharing of information and/or copyright protected information on the Website – or an attributable failure to perform these Conditions by the User.
Clause 14 – Privacy Policy

Tech2B processes personal data in accordance with the GDPR. For more information, Tech2B refers to the Privacy Policy that can be found on the Website.

Clause 15 – Intellectual Property
  1. The user cannot share, sell or use the contents of the Website and the information of other Users in any way whatsoever.
  2. By using the Website and its Services, the User gives Tech2B the right to use the User’s brand and logo for Tech2B’s commercial communications.
  3. The User or its licensors own all right, title and interest in and to the information published or provided by them on the Website. Tech2B is entitled to use the information published or provided by the User on the Website to furnish the Website and the Services.
Clause 16 – Disputes
  1. These Conditions and all disputes arising from or relating hereto are governed by Dutch law.
  2. All disputes ensuing from or connected with these Conditions will be brought before by the competent court in Oost-Brabant.
Clause 17 – Amendment of the General Terms and Conditions
  1. Tech2B is entitled to amend these Conditions. The most recent version of the Conditions can be found on the Website. Tech2B will present the new Conditions to the User prior to logging in.
  2. If the User continues to use the Website after they were presented with the amended Conditions, they thereby accept the amended Conditions. If the User objects, Tech2B can continue the Subscription, at Tech2B’s discretion, under the Conditions that applied until then or terminate the Subscription upon receiving an objection with due observance of a notice period of one (1) month as from the end of the relevant calendar month.
  3. Tech2B is entitled to amend the Conditions in the following events especially:
  • when the amendment serves to bring the Conditions into line with the applicable law, especially when the applicable legal position changes;
  • when Tech2B’s new services or parts of services, as well as technical or organisational processes require a description in the Conditions.